“contemporary researchers have found neurological connections between religious or trance experience and female sexuality. in womans brains there are unique neural links between the forebrain and the cerebellum, which allow sensations of physical pleasure to be directly integrated into the neocortex. this explains why some women experience orgasm so intense that they enter “religious” trance, or altered states of consciousness. at this ecstatic female orgasmic experience, in which the physical and the spiritual are fused and realized as one, is at the core of all mystical experience. the reaserchers conclude that it is women wbo must take the lead in further human evolution- toward the integration of the conscious and unconscious mind and to a more profound understanding of the spiritual nature of the species.”

Random facts about me !

Favorite playwright: Chekhov and Noel Coward

fave philosopher: Carl Jung

fave book: The Little Prince

fave poet: Rumi

Fave movie: Pulp Fiction

fave song of all time: Diamonds and Rust by Joan Baez

Not a poem…. just a thought …

I am an artist and my sexuality is one way I express myself. When I feel inspired, a body can become my canvas. I become a traveler, awestruck by the power  this newly discovered body continent.


the warring dualisms of “matter versus spirit,” the hostile antagonisms of “sexual body” versus “religious truth,” are recent patriarchal inventions, destructively forced on the world and the soul. they had no place in the beginning of things, for they are neither natural nor true.