. I struggle with loving my body sometimes- not all the time- but u know.. being a woman in America… hating our bodies at one moment or another kinda comes with the territory. When I look in the mirror I see plushness, and soft supple femininity. Any person, man or woman, who can’t see the beauty in full figured juicy curvy glory, well that’s just a shame for every woman, thin or thick. Becuz it’s oppression. It’s society saying to us “you can b feminine, but only to a certain extent”. Too much femininity pisses ppl off. They say it should stay “covered up” , hidden, ignored, never celebrated. I feel like it’s about control, a historical pattern of men proclaiming “this woman is my property” or “this land belongs to me”.  . And when we as women hate our own bodies, or call other women fat, it’s like oppression at its deepest level. We oppress ourselves so we don’t even need the oppressor anymore.