the concept of a female earth as the source of cyclic birth, life, death, and rebirth underlies all mythological and religious symbology. It is important to grasp the time dimension involved. “god was female for atleast the first 200,000 years of human life and earth. This is a conservative estimate; Wooden images of the mother god were doubtless carved long before the stone Cro-magnon , but wood does not survive.”  In the worlds oldest creation myths, the female god births the world out of her own body. The great Mother everywhere was the active and autonomous creatrix of the world… And unlike the aloof and self-righteous patriarchal gods who only recently usurped her mountain-throne, the ancient Goddess was always there-alive, immanent, within her creation, no ontological scapegoater, she was wholly responsible for both the pain and the good in life. “. Monica sjöö