I can still see our construction hats
Lying exactly where we left them
The dug up earth, the bits of chewed rock.
The floor plan for the life we dreamed we’d build.
But the planks of wood still sit stiff in their box
Bulldozers gazing out for our return
In time the bricks will grow tired and crumble
The shovel will rust
Do u think flowers will grow here when we are off
Building something new
With somebody else ?

those who know me, know I am going to school for acting, and applying to graduate school for an MFA in acting. I’ve been busy doing lots of plays! I’m playing Bianca in Othello (funny i am so good at playing prostitutes!) And Masha in Chekhov’s Three Sisters! Here I am going to an event at Olympia Family Theater. I love that I am making so many friends in the theater business!

I am pleased to announced that I have been cast as Bianca in a local production of Othello. I think it’s funny that I’m playing the prostitute, but I guess life experience helped me connect to the character.  I fell in love with Shakespeare when I was 6 years old and saw Much Ado About Nothing in San Francisco. His poetry, his characters consumed by overwhelming passions  I’ve been in at least 20 Shakespeare productions in my life, and I’m really happy to b getting back into it  IMG_4689.JPG

Duo’s with Harlow are so much fun !!  IMG_4794